User Guide

  • In homepage there is intro about website, Top Movies and Top Users:
home page image
  • Check Privacy Notice to learn details of information that will be used after registration:
privacy notice page
  • There is registration and sign in button at navigation, register for website:
registration page image
  • After registration go to profile and check details:
profile button after registration
  • Profile Page where you can edit details, delete account and write status messages:
profile page
  • You can navigate to other profile pages and follow people you know:
follow admin
  • When users follow each-other they will be able to chat over direct messaging:
write message
  • Search for movies using search bar on top:
search movies
  • View movie details:
view movie details
  • Also watch movie trailer:
watch trailer
  • Administration members will have one extra button in navigation for admin page:
admin page